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Making changes with every sip – my Closca Bottles “Wave” edition

If you know me, you have already heard of my love for tea, chai or matcha latte, hot cocoa, lemon water and basically any healthy drink out there. Having a warming cup of tea- well, mostly it is a whole mug cause I drink a lot- is my every day ritual. For me, there is nothing more soothing and comforting than starting my day with a big warm cup. Even though the weather changes and seasons come and go, my habit stays the same. No matter if it is 30 degree out or minus 10, I keep on enjoying it.

I also find that for my overall body and my digestion in specific, it thrives off of getting more warming liquids in than just room temperature or even cooled drinks. I do drink regular water as well, don’t get me wrong. I just tend to feel my best with more warming drinks.

But as I already mentioned, a cup never seems to be enough. And more so: if I am on the go, I prefer to have a drink with me instead of hoping that I will find a place where I will purchase a tea or hot water… That just doesn’t make sense for me. And more so: the pollution which comes with getting a drink from a café to go is for sure nothing I want to support.

Did you know that 1,500 plastic bottles are thrown away every second?

This number is just crazy. And this does not even include all single-use coffee & teacups. The sad story is: not even 10% of that will be recycled. Imagine the amount of plastic which is being produced every single day. In just around 30 years our oceans will be containing more plastic than fish… And this amount will not be reduced any time soon if we do not all act differently.

It is more than about time to make a change. This is why I have started to find a solution that not only needs my wish for enjoying my warm drink (on the go, on the mat, at home, or basically anywhere). But also is a way that for one does not harm our environment by adding to the pollution, and instead inspires and creates changes one sip at a time. My contribution: Using my new Closca Design reusable, stainless steel bottles.

changes in our daily habits can help save our planet! I stopped using plastic bottles and love my Closca reusable bottles for hot and cold drinks.

Save the planet whilst getting your liquids in

Caring for the environment has been a topic which accompanies me for a long time already. I am always happy to find new ways to make a positive impact on this earth. But when this also includes upgrades to my own habits and even enhances my whole life, I am totally in it!

My Closca Design stainless steel bottles are my most favourite addition to the “Saving the Environment and Improving my Own Life” list. The bottles not only look amazing, but they do really create changes.

First off, let me tell you about their unique design. The patented silicone strap allows you to attach your bottle to your backpack when you are on the go. Having your hands free without having to carry your bottle makes life so much easier, I can confirm for sure. And the next amazing and innovative feature that comes along with these beautiful bottles is that with the Closca Water App you can find the nearest water refill station to up your liquid intake on the go. More than 250.000 points worldwide are available to this day.

Your decisions create changes, you decide where and how!

The Closca Bottles – Wave edition come in six different colors to choose from. And more so: with your decision you not only decide on the style you want to enjoy your water or tea from, but you also make a statement which ecological project you want to support. Each one of the “Places to Be” series has a different topic it raises awareness for. I have decided on making a statement for our beautiful rainforests as well as the biggest desert on this planet. The AMAZONIA bottle comes in a lush jungle green, whilst the SAHARA bottle’s sandy color reminds me of hot desert days. They not only complement each other perfectly with their aesthetic, but also allow me to really make a positive change and protecting our environment whilst also adding a beautiful twist into my habits and routines.

Keep it cool- or hot!

All bottles in the Closca Design Wave edition are BPA free and made from stainless steel. You will be able to enjoy your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or warm for 12 hours. The outer coating is made from silicone and as mentioned comes with a wrap- around flap which allows you to attach the bottle to your bag, bike or anything alike.

Now it is possible to enjoy your favourite drink on the go or at home in style and also making changes whilst doing so!

Let’s create a positive impact with every sip!

All my love to you,


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