Be the energy – and wear it!

I am a fond believer in affirmations and the power of words. If there is one thing that I have learned over the past years, it is that whatever you feed your mind with, think and speak about is what becomes your reality.

So making sure that I focus on positive mantras as well as reminding myself of the impact my words- whether spoken or internal- is a key factor of my daily practice.

Just as important as it is for me to step onto my yoga mat every morning, I also make sure to fill my mind with affirmations and words that inspire and uplift me.

My most favourite and newest way of reminding myself of what truly moves the needle for me is through wearing my brand-new sustainable activewear set of the “Mantra Collection” by BUESPARK.

Your Intention matters- off and on the mat

Stepping on your mat and setting an intention for your practice is one thing.

But wearing your affirmation on your yoga outfit is another.

The new Mantra collection comes with three beautiful sayings that will inspire, guide and accompany you on any path you are on.

I am wearing the “Be the energy you want to attract” outfit in “Mangrove”. Not only is this turquoise an absolute stunning color with an elegant shiny touch to it, it is also a calming tone which will ground as well as uplift you at the same time.

Make an impact and send out positive energy- on your mat

Made out of recycled nylon from PRET bottles and old fishing nets, this collection does not only look and feel good.

By supporting ocean clean-up and helping find a solution for one of the ocean’s biggest pollutions, this collection also does good.

And even better: 10% of every purchase will be donated to teach mindfulness to underserved school children.

Being the energy you want to attract taken to a full new level!

For me, yoga is more than just a physical practice. It combines so much more. The breath, the energy, the intention, the lessons learned, the experiences made, the sensations, the progress made, the insights… all this is a part of what really happens when you step on your mat and dedicate yourself to the practice.

By choosing yoga wear that not only serves us in reminding ourselves about the power that lies within us, but that also gives back to the planet is a big step- which will pay off tenfold.

And always remember: The energy you send out shapes the energy you attract.

So take a moment and reflect: what is it you want to receive? And what is it you can give to bring more of that into your life?

Sending you so much love,


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