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Get to know your True Self…with your Human Design & Astrology

If you are just a little bit like me, you are somewhat obsessed with getting to know yourself as much as you possibly can. There is nothing that seems to be too out there, Woo-Woo or extreme to try out in order to learn more about your mind, body and soul. And I totally am all for that! However, what I have found to be missing for me over the past years of soul searching which I could not find in any book, breath-work session, reiki session or meditation is a key to really understand my entire being. There have been days where I was just so frustrated and depleted and could not understand why all the energy, resources and time spent into uncovering my truth would not bring me the AHA- Moment I was hoping for. Well, that was until I discovered- and more importantly understood – my unique Human Design and Astrology.

Human Design and Astrology- the key to your Soul

You may have heard of your Sun Sign, Ascendant and Moon Sign already, and might have already uncovered your Human Design Energy Type or even Authority. And that is amazing! When I learned mine, it was like someone foreign knew exactly what was going on inside me. It was a pivotal moment in my soul searching journey, for sure. But Astrology and Human Design go so much deeper than that surface-level knowledge.

There are so many aspects to it that literally would take a lifetime of devoted studies to uncover for yourself. And I indeed am someone who loves to dive deep into a topic and learn as much as possible. BUT: I also want to see results of what I have learned rapidly- yes another trait I fully embraced thanks to knowing my Human Design and natal chart. And that is why I believe that having an expert on my side who not only has all the knowledge and Sensibility it needs to fully analyze you on a deeper level is a decisive aspect. One more thing to mention as well: having an expert at your side is the only way to get an outside perspective and put it all into a frame for you. Besides being able to analyze your characteristics, show you your unique gifts, energies a huge part is also having then the tools at your hands that will be perfectly customized for yours truly.

And this is where the DayLuna Human Design and Astrology Boxes come into play. The Boxes are custom made just for you.

About the DayLuna Human Design and Astrology Boxes

There are several different Boxes you can choose from: the PHS System, Human Design, Natal Chart and Saturn Return. Each will come with a beautifully designed printed Guidebook that not only will be your in-depth explanation of your own self, but also a bunch of goodies perfectly matched to your chart.

Shayna and Dana, the founders of DayLuna, will hand-pick all the gifts you will receive with your box according to your birth time and date. Then, you will receive this magical box of goodies which on top of all this will be first infused with the power of reiki to boost its effect even more. I mean, how unique is this? I was already blown away by this fact alone.

You can really tell that the two are fully pouring their heart and soul into crafting the magical boxes for you.

In this post, I would love to share with you the two boxes that I got: The 3 Chart Combo Box and the PHS Chart Box.

The DayLuna 3 Chart Combo Box

This Box consists of three different charts: the Human Design, Personality / Astrology Birth Chart as well as the Saturn Return Chart. So you will receive three Guidebooks that will go in depth into explaining basically your whole soul to you. As I have already been diving deep into uncovering my own Human Design and Astrology through readings, books and research, I already knew quite a lot about me- so I thought. But the information in there went even more in-depth. Reading about all the Characteristics that define me through my Human Design type, authority, Saturn Placement, and more felt like getting to know myself on an even deeper level. I had to re-read it for several times to fully digest it all. And I am sure, that I will every time I come back to it will discover something new.

Included, I found a set of Chakra Crystals, a Rainbow Crystal Prism, a magical Journal, an Intention Setting Candle, A Chart Based Essential Oil Blend- Sacral Authority for me- as well as a personalised set of crystals- which included Green Opal, a Palo Santo Stick and even more goodies! Each of the items is not only a perfect match for me personally, but one can really feel their high quality – no matter your design and chart.

The PHS – Food, Digestion, Environment, Perspective and Motivation Box

The PHS Box is basically a breakdown of your Food, Digestion, Environment, Motivation and Perspective. It gives you detailed information of the surroundings that nourish both your soul and body, how you function best and how you can support yourself- through rituals as well as the hand-picked tools that will come with the box.

The box will include – again everything perfectly matching your personal Chart- a ceremonial grade cacao, a beautiful hand made ceremony mug, your personalised manifestation candle and essential oil, a Magic of I Journal and more.

The Magic of Getting to Know Yourself

These Boxes work true magic. Never would I have imagined that reading something about myself and having perfectly matching tools in my hands that go along with the words would make me feel so connected and understood. This is not only such a beautiful gift to yourself, but the most perfect gift for anyone who is dear to your heart. Because what gift is bigger than fully understanding yourself and aligning with your souls purpose?

I cannot wait to read how you felt after opening your own DayLuna Human Design and Astrology Box! See you soon and lots of love,


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