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Baby plants- grow your own home plant paradise

Plants, Plants, Plants. This must be my most favourite topic of all times. And I am not even referring to any plant-based recipes but more so to the plants I love to have around me at home. The wonderful part about having “decoration” that is alive is that you can see it grow and evolve. And I tell you: the feeling of getting excited about a new leaf is real!

Home gardening brings so much joy and every day comes with a new surprise. Think about plants as your new pet. They need just as much love and care as a cat or guinea pig. You will want to treat them with as much attention and love as your furry friend. And your effort will for sure pay off. The energy and atmosphere of a home filled with plants compares to no other. You can truly feel they are alive and that makes your home an even warmer place.

Being a plant mom…

When I started bringing home some plants, I first was afraid that I might not be able to take care of them as they need it. But over time I became more confident with my skills. And also: the key factor here is practice! It is no rocket science or a hit or miss. See it as a new skill you want to learn. This not only takes the pressure off of you but also makes it all so much more enjoyable.

It also is always a good idea to start small. Try to start with plants that do not require too much of special treatment or are very sensitive. The more difficult a plant is to take care of, the more frustrated and even worried you will get.

Since I am calling myself a proud plant mom for a while now and am so happy with all my little babies, I would love to share with you my most favourite address for all things plants and home gardening!

Start small. Real small.

Choosing the right plants to start with can be hard. But even more so if you have no clue which of them will be happy with the circumstances they will be faced with. As everyone of us is different, every plant has its own specific needs and preferences. So when you go ahead and want to adopt a new plant, you will first want to make sure it will be happy in his new home. So wouldn’t it be perfect if you had a way of finding the perfect ones for your home and then being able to choose from a variety of beautiful baby plants? Well, you’re in for a real treat! My absolute favourite shop PLNTS offers you the possibility to filter for various amount of properties that will ensure you then choose the right fit for you. You can search for pet friendliness, air-cleaning properties, level of caretaking skills or light conditions.

Those are all crucial factors to consider before getting a new green friend. And what is the cherry on top: you will find a huge variety of the cutest baby plants out there to choose from.

The most exciting part of being a plant mom for me is to see my little green babies grow. And that literally every single day. If you start with a small, you will be able to witness incredible growth spurts in just a few days. And I have to tell you, this will form such a bond with them. Of all the plants I own, the ones I got when they were very little are the ones closest to my heart.

My plant kindergarten

I have to say: every time I go to the PLNTS website, I have a hard time choosing one. They offer such a huge array that makes you excited to see them all growing big at your home. And as you can tell: I now have proudly opened my very own plant kindergarten.

You will find Zebrinas, Calathea Orbifolias, String of Pearls and a Pink Princess. And I cannot wait to expand my collection even more. Because I know: the more plants I have around me, the happier I am.

And PLNTS makes it so easy for you to feel this joy too! All plants will be delivered straight to your door. Packed with love and care, you will be able to welcome your plant babies just a few days after ordering. What is also amazing: if you need help with anything, just make a PLNTS doctor’s appointment. He will be happy to help you out and always knows what your little problem child needs. You will also find amazing resources and tips on how to take care of your plants on the website regarding all problems and questions you might be facing when starting out your adventure as a new plant parent.

I cannot wait to see your plant kindergarten come alive!
Sending you all my love,


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