Kürbis Pasta

Herbst Favorit: einfache Kürbis Pasta – High Protein

Der Herbst ist da! Die Blätter sind golden und es wird langsam doch recht kühl wenn es dunkel wird. Aber was mein absolutes Highlight in dieser Jahreszeit ist: Es ist Kürbis Zeit! Und das bedeutet: Kürbis in allem und überall! Ich liebe das orange Gemüse und suche immer nach neuen Ideen, wie ich es in meine Rezepte integrieren kann. Und es gibt gute Neuigkeiten! Ich habe eine super leckere, einfache und gesunde Variante gefunden, die sich perfekt für ein schnelles Dinner eignet. Sie ist nicht nur unglaublich gesund und hat einen hohen Protein- Gehalt, sondern sie ist innerhalb von kürzester Zeit gemacht.

Worum es genau geht: Kürbis Pasta! Die Pasta ist eine meiner absolut liebsten- der Teig ist aus Edamame und daher voll gesunder Eiweiße und Fette. Besonders nach einer anstrengenden Yoga- Einheit ist es die perfekte Energiequelle. Was ich so besonders an der Edamame Pasta liebe ist nicht nur die super coole Farbe, sondern auch Geschmack und Konsistenz! Sie gelingt einfach immer und ich liebe es einfach, wenn Pasta bissfest ist. Der Geschmack passt einfach hervorragend zu Kürbis und ich muss gestehen: Ich bekomme von der Kombi nicht genug!


  • 1/2 Kürbis
  • 100 gr Edamame Pasta (von Edamama)
  • 100 ml Kokosmilch
  • 1/2 Zitrone
  • 1 TL Nährhefe
  • Curry, je nach Geschmack
  • Prise Kurkuma
  • Prise schwarzer Pfeffer
  • Samen zum Toppen


Kürbis & Brokkoli klein schneiden und den Kürbis auf einem Backblech für etwa 20 Minuten bei 190°C backen. In der Zwischenzeit Broccoli dämpfen.

Die Pasta in heißem Wasser für 5- 7 Minuten kochen.

Sobald der Kürbis weich ist, diesen mit der Kokosmilch, der Zitrone und den Gewürzen mixen. Wenn es nicht flüssig genug ist, mehr Kokosmilch oder auch Wasser hinzugeben.

Nun den Brokkoli aus dem Dämpfer holen und alles gemeinsam servieren.

Kürbis Pasta

Ich hoffe, dir schmeckt dieses herbstliche Gericht genau so gut wie mir. Das Highlight ist auf jeden Fall die Edamame Pasta, diese ist zu dem Kürbis einfach die perfekte Ergänzung! Es freut mich jedes mal wieder, wenn ich einfache, gesunde und leckere Entdeckungen mache und diese mit euch teilen kann!

Ich freue mich schon auf eure Meinung und wie es euch schmeckt!



*Dieser Beitrag entstand in freundlicher Kooperation mit Edamama*

black bean brownie

Bean Brownie – vegan, healthy & high protein

There are so many prejudices about a plant-based diet. And one of them is the supposed lack of protein. Nope. Not really a thing to worry about when you are vegan. In fact, plant protein has a higher bioavailability than any other protein source. But this blog is not about protein sources, well actually it is in a slightly different way. The topic is this high protein bean brownie recipe that I created.

The funny thing is that I kind of accidentally came up with it. So I had some black beans, and did not really feel like using flour but thought, why not try something new? And that’s how I came to create this magic combination. I kid you not, you will not realize that there are beans inside. It tastes sweet but also super flavorful. It is really good and I am so glad that I tried it. So enjoy getting healthier with every bite!

black bean brownie
They are even cat approved!


  • 400 g of black beans
  • 5 dates
  • 2 tablespoons raw cacao
  • 250 grams of apple sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons of ground flaxseeds
  • a splash of almond milk


  • Pre- heat oven to 180 ° C
  • cook the beans for about 10 minutes until soft (if you use canned ones, the dry ones need longer)
  • rinse them and add all the other ingredients
  • blend them and pour into a baking dish
  • Bake the bean brownie for about 10- 15 minutes, depending on the dish you use
  • let it cool and enjoy

I hope you enjoy the black bean brownie. It is the perfect post workout fuel and can basically be a great snack on the go.

And fun story on the side: the bean brownie is also cat approved. I am not sure whether you should feed them to your pets, but mine seemed to like them anyway…



carrot cake vegan healthy

Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream

A few weeks ago I was at a birthday party of one of my favorite humans and one of the birthday cakes was this vegan carrot cake. It was so moist and delicious and I knew instantly: I had to try to bake it at home. As with all of my recipes, this one is oil free, sugar free, vegan and full of healthy ingredients. So enjoying it gets even more fun!

vegan carrot cake

What is so great about this recipe is how easy it is. After I made it for the very first time, I was so surprised how well it turned out to be. I am all about simple and quick preparation that saves me some time for my favorite activities: yoga, reading or spending time with loved ones. (That also includes my animal friends, of course!)

Since this is a carrot cake, we have quite a lot of carrots inside of it. But that’s a good thing as firstly, they are so rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and Vitamin K1. Which are all amazing components for our brain, our eyes and our heart. Secondly, the carrot cake gets so extremely moist it is almost addictive. And thirdly: you can get carrots all year round which makes this cake a perfect dessert for all seasons.

The Cashew Cream is also super easy to make: All you need is cashews, lemon peel, vanilla extract and something to sweeten it up. So something like dates, maple sirup or stevia. I was so surprised how well it turned out!


This amount is for one big tin, if you want to bake it in a cake form, use half the amount

For the dough you’ll need:

500 gr oats (or any kind of flour you like)

6-8 dates (depending on how sweet you want it to be)

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of ground ginger

100 gr ground almonds

5 tsp ground flaxseeds

600 gr carrots

6 tbsp apple sauce

1 lemon

100 gr of cashews

50 ml almond milk

For the cashew cream:

200 gr of cashews

peel of a lemon

lemon juice (1 lemon)

1 tsp vanilla extract

sweetener of your choice (dates, maple sirup , etc)

70 ml almond milk

vegan carrot cake


  1. Soak the cashews for the cream over night
  2. Mix the oats (or flour), cinnamon, dates, almonds, ginger, flaxseeds, chopped cashews together
  3. Chop the carrots and blend them up. (I used a high speed blender)
  4. Blend the carrots, apple sauce, flour mix, lemon juice and lemon peel together and add the almond milk
  5. Bake the dough for about 20- 25 minutes at 180°C
  6. Meanwhile blend the soaked cashews, vanilla extract, lemon peel, lemon juice and sweetener. Add the almond milk
  7. Refrigerate the cashew cream for about 30 minutes to thicken up
  8. Let the dough cool down after it is finished baking
  9. Cover the dough with the cashew cream and sprinkle some more cashews or lemon peel if you like

I hope you enjoy the carrot cake just as much as I did. Let me know how you like it!



Summer Buddha Bowl vegan and easy

Summer Buddha Bowl- vegan & easy

When you look at my Instagram account, you may think that 99% of my meals are smoothie bowls. But as much as I love them, I have to say that the main part of my meals is my delicious Summer Buddha Bowl. Well, at least this time of the year.

I love to vary my Buddha Bowls depending on what is in season, how the weather is and how I feel. Especially in the warmer months, I prefer to have bowls that include a lot of greens and “cooling” plants. Such as spinach or kale. Another favourite add on of mine is sauerkraut. Especially cold, added to my Summer Buddha Bowl- it`s the best!

Summer Buddha Bowl- an easy how-to

The great thing about Buddha Bowls is their versatility. You can basically add anything you like. The more colors, the better. So as far as my bowl is concerned, I like to mix oven roasted and fresh veggies, drizzle a nice sauce and enjoy it with the sun in my face. So feel free to mix up your bowl the way you want it, always aiming to get as many different veggies in as possible, of course.


100 grams of broccoli

200 grams of potatoes or sweet potatoes (or mix both)

100 grams of cauliflower

a handful of spinach

100 grams of chickpeas

some raw veggies (tomatoes, cucumber, carrots…)



nuts and seeds to top it

1 Teaspoon of tahini

a pinch of smoked paprika, turmeric and curry

a lemon

some nutritional yeast

apple cider vinegar


Cut the broccoli and let sit for at least 40 minutes (to release sulforaphane)

Preheat oven to 180 ° C

Cut the potatoes and cauliflower and roast in the oven for about 20 minutes

Cook the broccoli and chickpeas for about 10 minutes

Add them to the oven veggies for about 5- 10 minutes to make them crispier

Cut your raw veggies

Mix the juice of the lemon with tahini, apple cider vinegar the spices and the nutritional yeast and spice it until you like the taste

Add all of the veggies from the oven and the fresh ones together, mix it with the sauce and top the Summer Buddha Bowl with sprouts and seeds.

I hope you enjoyed this easy and delicious recipe. Have fun creating your own version of the Summer Buddha Bowl.

Love, Nicola